About Me – FAQ

We’re a glass shop situated in the very heart of Venice, St. Mark’s Square, right next to Bacino Orseolo.

If You have already been in our store, You’ll find inside here the quality and professionalism we offered to You and any other customer.

If You are new, please welcome in our online store, take a look at just some of the items we are proud of having.

You’re surely wondering at a lot of things during your visit, so let me help trought a few questions.

Q: Is the glass original and authentic Murano Glass?
A: The short answer is “Yes, it is.”
A longer answer can be “Every single item that I have is original, guaranteed, and authentich Murano Glass.”

Q: How do I know and I make sure that it is actually Murano Glass?
A: Although the exact answer can be a simple “You can’t”, truth is there is a lot of ways to guarantee and ensure the authenticity of Murano Glass items.
Most of the items come with a sticker with the name of the glass factory, the signature of the glassmaster, and a certificate of authenticity with details.
Some of the items can’t be signed because of their size or shape, and for the same reason on some of the items it is not possible to attach a sticker, therefore the certificate of authenticity remains the only way to guarantee the item.
I provide for any items all the guarantees.

Q: How do I purchase an Item I like?
A: In every items’ page there is a contact form, you just have to write me and I will give you all the informations you need to proceed with the payment.

Q: How long will it take to get the item after the purchase?
A: It will all depends from where I have to ship it and how, but again I will provide every information you need regarding it.

These are just a few of the questions you’re probably asking, for any other one simply contact me through the contact form or email: