White chalice made out of blown Murano Glass.
Stem decorated with 3 red dots and 24 gold inside the sphere.

The “Zanfirico” Glass consists of fine filigree rolls of glass which have been stretched and twisted to form specific patterns.
Then they are once again twisted together with other rolls of glass in order to create another beautiful pattern.
The rolls of glass include different colour, gold, or avventurina, and each rolls contains a unique pattern.
They are mostly used in the creation of bowls, vase, with all the different rolls of glass start from the center of the item and then expand.
Altough this technique has been used as far back as the 16th century, when it was originally known as ‘Filigrana a Retortoli’, the current name comes from Antonio Sanquirico, a 19th century Italian art dealer.

Size: About 20 cm tall, 8 cm in diameter.

Price: 550.00€
Shipping Included