Round tray made out of Murano Glass with a wooden base, a mirror decorated with engravings depicting a scene of an 18th century couple, and a twisted roll of glass with 24k gold inside all around the edge.
Gold coated handles on the side.
Size: About 24 cm in diameter

Price: 198.00€ – 30% = 138.60€
Shipping Included

Mirrors have always been around mankind and society, the first ones date back to Ancient Egypt centuries B.C. created with bronze and until the middle age with other metal alloys.
In Murano they have been producing mirrors since the 14th century, but despite all the efforts, they had to wait 1540 when Vincenzo Redor invented a technique to create a flat, smooth, and reflecting surface, using tin slabs immersed into mercury/quicksilver and creating what we all commonly call “crystal”, a very clear layer of glass.