Welcome to my Original Murano Glass online retail store, the shop is located right in St. Marks’s Square, the heart of Venice, and everything I sell is guaranteed and certified Original Murano Glass, handcrafted by local artists in the Island of Murano in Venice.

First of all, I really wish this message finds you safe and healthy during this Covid-19 break, and everything is being alright.

On June 2nd the store has been officially opened again to the public, the situation is way but good, but I must focus on little things, one step at a time.
Opening hours might vary, but at least you can come in person and say hi, whenever you have the chance.
I know by the way that most of you won’t have the chance for some time, therefore I decided to keep my products on sale or with shipping included  for a few more.

For any information or request do not hesitate to contact me.
Stay safe, stay home.